Thursday, September 9, 2010

Official Arise and Shine Tracklisting

So it's a good 24hrs before you can go get yourself a copy of my debut album. As you can imagine, I'm nervous, excited and filled with so much joy. A lot of people have been asking me wether certain tracks will be included on the album or not. So thought I'd fill you in on the track listing of all the tracks that you gonna hear. So here goes:

1. My Confession feat Zano
2. Bo Mme
3. Supermodel feat J.R.
4. All Alone feat Vikter Duplaix
5. You are a Winner
6. Children of Africa
7. Somandla feat Deborah Frazier
8. Release Your Soul
9. Come With Me
10. Inqaba
11. Waiting
12. Arise and Shine
13. My Song
14. You are

So there it is!

Happy listening and keep rising and shining!


  1. Really cant wait brother... after work it is me and musica... also glad to see tracks like You are... i see you taking us back over there... all the best my outi... Soulistic 4 lyf

    Lwazi... Cape Town

  2. Dope Album mfana! eish mara cant find it anwhere :(

  3. Now thats what i call good music...your album is super rrocking love, cant even decide which track i love the most BUT Somandla, Winner, Inqab' yam, Release your soul, My song and Bo mme are my top 5 tracks... keep on keeping on mwaaaa.

  4. Brother you really need to hook cape town man we need the album i have been everywhere and no luck... Please man... plz, plz, plz...

    Lwazi - Cape Town

  5. tumelo my rock boi...but I just have problem in recalling them lyrics but hey you the man guy.. ;)

  6. Jus phone universal music hopefuly they will bless Cape Town with Arise and Shine soon... :)

  7. I'm in love dude...great effort here.keep it goin

  8. this is my confession i just cnt keep it inside anymore. i just wanna tell her, that i love her. i love that song with a passion. nyc 1 man :)

  9. won't you come with me....DOPE track mfe2 .big 2 u & your crew (Soulistic). It a must have album 4 December :-)

  10. YHO YHO YHO YHO... finaly got my hands to the album this weekend and hayi ntwana this is IN$ANE... you have started on a VERY high note and congatulations my outi... i can't even tell you which one is my favourate song... Dankie for such a wonderful package... Soulistic for lyf :-)

    Cape Town

  11. Can't find anywhere to buy the album online. The CD is unavailable in France. What should I do ?

  12. Im based in CT man, at which music store will i get your album. I LOVE IT