Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1 day to go!

So it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Feel like I've neglected a part of me for a while. As most might know, I've been working on my debut album for a looong while now. I can safely say that it's wrapped up and done. Yiiipeeeee!

Its been quite a long journey putting this masterpiece together. There's been so many challenges along the way, and at times i felt like just letting it all go. But hey, faith is mosdef the substance of all things hoped for. What kept me going was this picture in my mind of my album packaged and selling like night workers during the World

But on the real, faith kept me going. Even when I had nothing else to write or ran out of inspiration, that picture of my finished album kept me in there..and along with it came a whole lot of suprises.

First I got to work with Mme Deborah Frasier, something I never thought in a million years would come true. Twas such a humbling moment when I saw her car pull in at the Soulistic Studios. She delivered as anticipated and we came up with a dope gospel/house track titled "Somandla".

A coupla weeks later went in the studio and started working on a track, layed vocals on it and felt there was something missing. So I called up one of my boys J.R. to come drop a verse. That's the track titled "Supermodel". Here we complement women for being who they are...Fine ass creatures crafted by God Himself.

As if all this wasn't enough, my producer and stable mate Black Coffee decided to pull a suprise on me. He sent me a track we had done and asked me to listen to it and write an additional verse. So there I am chillin at the YFM studios after a long days work, downloaded the link and bumped the track. As I'm listening I start hearing a very peculiar voice gently cutting through my gosh....Vikter Duplaix was on the same track as me...! At this point I don't know wether to burst out with laughter or tears or maybe jump up with joy. That's how the track "All Alone" became! #Proud Moment.

The last collabo I did was sort of destined to happen. My boy Zano and I sat in the studio and started bouncing around ideas. See the thing about good musical production is that it allows you to think out of the box. So we imagined ourselves in the confession room, spilling our hearts out to the father about this fine woman who is driving us crazy. And that's how my first single "My Confession" came about. And it's a banger!

So I'm very humbled to say that, even though it took years to manifest, my dream has finally come and is about to unfold. Having a hot, kick-ass album with my favorite producers and artists involved. this is the very reason I believe in firstly God, and secondly music. Cause with these two, nothing is impossible!

Arise and Shine

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