Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Again.

So its been a while since I last posted something, and a lot has happened since. And i can truly say that 2010 was a year of breakthrough for me in terms of my music. I saw and experienced a lot, which i can honestly say has made me a better artist.

When the album came out, I was very nervous. The night before the release I couldn't even sleep. Went through a mixture of emotions. Like, did I do enough, how are people gon receive the music, is the album gonna sell? All these Q's flooded my mind. But then i reverted to what i have always known and believed in. Good music from the heart, eliminates any doubt. When you've poured your heart into the music, all that really matters is that you want the message to reach people and somehow change their lives.

The amount of time, energy, emotions and experiences vested into all the songs, was reason enough for me to believe that my music will change lives. And so, even when performed I always want to deliver it like I'm out there to uplift and change someone"s life.

Had an interview with Mpho Maboi on 99.2 YFM last year, and it ended up being more than what I bargained for. We chatted about the album, experiences behind it and all that. And of course as with any radio interview, we have to take calls. So we took a call from a young lady who was on the verge of ending her life. She had just about had it with all the failures she had encountered in her life. Told us about how her business is not picking up and her relationship being in such a mess. So she stood on the 10th floor of a building about to jump, making her last call in desperation. She needed someone to tell her that it would be okay. So we spoke to her and told her how God had a plan and purpose for her life. After listening to "Inqaba" which is track 10 on the album, she started truly believing that there was so much more in store for her life. So i kept calling her to find out how she was doing, and she is best. All is going well for her and she found her purpose once again.

This experience showed me a totally different dimension to my music. That when writing the songs and making the music, we having fun but never really sit down to think about the impact its gonna have on the fans. Even when performing the music, I always have someone come to me after the performance, telling me how mymusic has touched and inspired them to be better and live better lives realizing their potential and dreams.

So as we really get into the new year, my wish for all of my fans/friends is that we all realize our purpose and dreams. When we let go of our dreams, we're equally letting go of our purpose, for the two are intertwined and complement each other. So don't be afraid to dream again. Yeah we've all been disappointed and failed, at times maybe one too many times. But what really matters is the zeal and perseverance to wanna succeed. Sometimes that's all one really needs.

Dream Again!

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