Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Real Value of Good Music...

Yo is been a while since i hit my page up with some words. Guess it takes a lot of inspiration to really drop something that will evoke the next man who has to read this. It took me hearing a whole lot of some really good music...

I'm talking the likes of Talib Kweli, Teedra Moses, Black Coffee, Q-tip, Dj Cleo....yeah I am that versatile. That's the thing about good music tho. You can travel long distances moving from one genre to the next without getting full or fed up of it.

Had a discussion with some friends of mine on facebook about the real or rather the intrinsic value of good music, and well a whole lot of views were raised and a whole lot of amounts posted.

An interesting debate tho was about the criteria used when determining the quality of good music. Is it in the sound, complexity, lyrical content or even the style...?

Well to be quite honest I've always thought that good music contains elements that evoke some emotion inside you. Be it calmness, positivity, craziness (in a good way tho) or even make you wanna fall in love.

So question remains tho, how do we value good music...? Especially in an era where we are being fed crap disguised as good music through the use of effects...

Don't get me wrong world, I'm all for the use of all sorts of effects to enhance the type of sound one requires as the outcome. But hey we all know that there's a whole lot of phony muso's hiding behind them eq's, modulations and wait for it....autotune.

But then we need to bear in mind that there are some seriously talented artists out there who make good music regardless of whether they using effects or not.

My point is this tho, good music will always give you a feeling of some sort. It will take you on a journey of your life and afford you those good memoirs you almost forgot about.

Good music has no bearing on genre, it simply just is!

So this is how I value it...I appreciate the art that went into it. Sometimes by simply just bumping it when I'm home cleaning and a lot of times by going out there and showing gratitude by exchanging my money for the end product.

Yeah it ain't always possible to buy music, coz of financial constraints and all...but even then I say show your appreciation by enjoying it as the artist had intended for you to.

And when one of those great artists comes around your hood, gather all your piggy bank rands, dollars and cents; and pay to see good music being brought to life.

Good Music is Joy to the Soul!

Geno The Future!

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