Monday, June 29, 2009

A Party for the Soul.

The party scene in Jozi has taken a serious slump in the last couple of months. At times one wants to go out but there just ain't no good parties going on.

The one party that I always look forward to is Kenzhero's Party People. The dude just never disappoints. The performances are always on point and the girls are always looking phly.

Was there this past Saturday to have me another blast of a time, and without fail my expectations were met. Kenzhero played a dope set that paid tribute to the late MJ. What a set that was.

One things I have always complemented Kenny on is his ability to sort of re-define a track and make you dance to it. I mean he played some MJ remixes that I have never heard before.

Needless to say er1 had themselves the time of their lives. If you ever been to a hip hop party then you know that hip hop heads are the most difficult followers to please.

If you whack they gon tell you straight up! Or they will leave the dance floor just so the dj knows that he's just not on point.

I guess that's why Party People will always be packed. It's coz Kenzhero never disappoints. As a dj he knows what you wanna listen to when you come to Party People.

I also havent seen Zubz the Last Letta perform in a long while. Now Zubz has got to be one of the dopest lyricists in the continent. When he performs the house goes on fire.

So if you ever wanna have you a great time listening to dope hip hop music, do yourself a favor and check out Party People.

Big ups to Kenzhero for putting on a dope party for our souls.

Geno The Future!

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