Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Yeah so im on that bloggin i can voice out all my views and all dat.....! COOL. Im basically gon be letting ya'll in on my Rear View when it comes to music, artistry, gigging and i guess life as i experience it.

A lil more info about myself, I'm an emcee, vocalist, producer, presenter & an aspiring businessman. I basically take on life with an approach dat has worked for me.....Creativity, Innovation & Profit!

Musically I've worked with South African house hold names such as Zonke, KB, Zubz, Sis 'n Jones, Black Coffee and of course internationally renowned Dj Franck Roger.

And for all them hip hop heads I have been and still are part of the Hip Hop group Optical Illusion.

I kinda am feeling excited about this blog, guess there's a whole lot that i've been wanting to share with the world, just never got around to doing it.

Honestly tho, sharing is caring and for some of us it's therapy! So to all the great blogs that i'm gon be posting all up in yo face.....i do hope you enjoy!

Geno The Future

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