Monday, June 29, 2009

A Party for the Soul.

The party scene in Jozi has taken a serious slump in the last couple of months. At times one wants to go out but there just ain't no good parties going on.

The one party that I always look forward to is Kenzhero's Party People. The dude just never disappoints. The performances are always on point and the girls are always looking phly.

Was there this past Saturday to have me another blast of a time, and without fail my expectations were met. Kenzhero played a dope set that paid tribute to the late MJ. What a set that was.

One things I have always complemented Kenny on is his ability to sort of re-define a track and make you dance to it. I mean he played some MJ remixes that I have never heard before.

Needless to say er1 had themselves the time of their lives. If you ever been to a hip hop party then you know that hip hop heads are the most difficult followers to please.

If you whack they gon tell you straight up! Or they will leave the dance floor just so the dj knows that he's just not on point.

I guess that's why Party People will always be packed. It's coz Kenzhero never disappoints. As a dj he knows what you wanna listen to when you come to Party People.

I also havent seen Zubz the Last Letta perform in a long while. Now Zubz has got to be one of the dopest lyricists in the continent. When he performs the house goes on fire.

So if you ever wanna have you a great time listening to dope hip hop music, do yourself a favor and check out Party People.

Big ups to Kenzhero for putting on a dope party for our souls.

Geno The Future!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Souless cops!

So there I was chilin ko Z/14 with a coupla boys of mine on a warm winter sunday afternoon... Needless to say wen boyz r chilin inda hood, you are bound to find three things without fail...booze, girls and music.

That's just how we do it in my hood, well actually this is a norm in any hood across mzansi. Everyone wearing their stunners blocking out all the hate from their counterparts...which is usually people they may know, maybe even their next door neighbour.

Masses pulled in in their numbers ko the new Chisa Nyama which is a dope chillout spot. Here you'll find all the "top dawgs" tsa ko kasi yaka.

You are also bound to see the latest cars pulling in, your Ranges, Mercs, Coopers and even Lambo's.

Everyone just wants to be seen!

So Dj Nutty Nys starts playing his set, as this Sunday was the launch of his new album "Vintage Love" & everyone is going crazy over the hit track "Nka Modira".

Some phly girls start dancing on the tables, asses all up in the air with thongs showing.

They have been waiting for this song the whole afternoon!

Adawys to cut through the scenery I been painting for you, as the sun sets cops start pulling in. First thing they do is shut the music down.

Then they call the owner and tell him that they need to shut the party down. So there we are in disarray, not knowing what's going on.

The only reason we are given for the shut down is that the cops have not been informed about the "new" chillout spot, therefore they have to shut it down until further notice.

While escorting everyone out, one of the cops outside roughly drives through a crowd in a quest to get the masses to get into their cars and leave the place.

In doing that he bumps into a vw golf parked on the allocated space.

When the cop gets out of the police van, it was quite clear to everyone that the policeman was drunk. So het starts negotiations with the young dude whose car has now been damaged.

Truth of the matter is this: The cops had been bribed by other tavern owners to shut the new chisa nyama down because it was doing so well that it was denting their profit.

Facts that i found out are that the owner of the new place has his approved liquor licence, had informed municipality about the business that he was embarking on and all relevant authorities had been informed.

My concern is this...the police are the most corrupt of our law enforcers!

Not only did they ruin a good party for all of us, but they also damaged a young, aspiring black dude's car. And chances are it will take forever before the police force pays out for the damage.

So why should we as a community support, trust and listen to what the police have to say when they are so corrupt?

Yeah I know that not all the police stations or police departments are corrupt like this, but those few that are, are seriously denting our view of cops in general.

I dont wanna get to a point where I hate cops, but they are fast becoming enemies of our society.

I went to get my soul fed with some gud music and dem bambaklats totally ruined it for me.....dem Soul-less cops!

Geno The Future!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Yeah so im on that bloggin i can voice out all my views and all dat.....! COOL. Im basically gon be letting ya'll in on my Rear View when it comes to music, artistry, gigging and i guess life as i experience it.

A lil more info about myself, I'm an emcee, vocalist, producer, presenter & an aspiring businessman. I basically take on life with an approach dat has worked for me.....Creativity, Innovation & Profit!

Musically I've worked with South African house hold names such as Zonke, KB, Zubz, Sis 'n Jones, Black Coffee and of course internationally renowned Dj Franck Roger.

And for all them hip hop heads I have been and still are part of the Hip Hop group Optical Illusion.

I kinda am feeling excited about this blog, guess there's a whole lot that i've been wanting to share with the world, just never got around to doing it.

Honestly tho, sharing is caring and for some of us it's therapy! So to all the great blogs that i'm gon be posting all up in yo face.....i do hope you enjoy!

Geno The Future